About Us

About us

Workflow is a provider of customized hardware, software and service-based solutions.

From our range of hardware, software and services, we customise sustainable solutions so people can effectively generate, manage and share information to improve business dynamics.

This liberates them to achieve the primary goals of their business and enjoy
a more productive, fulfilling and sustainable quality of life at work and home.

Our Vision

To offer clients business solutions which will be beneficial to them with the view of building a sustainable business relationship whereby all parties benefit and prosper.

Included in this vision will be the working environment we create which will attract the best employees who will be free to express themselves while contributing to the success of the organisation. Our employees will be our number one asset driving the success of the organisation.


Our Mission

To create relationships with our clients which will be sustainable by offering them an improved value offering on Products, Services and Business Solutions.

Our Offering

  • Business Solutions and Software
  • Office Automation
  • Telecoms
  • Consumables

Our Partners

Workflow is a certified Ricoh Business Partner and is integrated into Ricoh’s international infrastructure.


Workflow Managed Services (Pty) Ltd has achieved a level 2 B-BBEE rating with a 51% Black Female ownership.

This means your preferential procurement spend with Workflow Managed Services (Pty) Ltd is now equal to 125% spend and gives you a greater advantage on your own B-BBEE score card.

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